[UE4] The Vault

The Vault is the latest Personal project that I work in my free time, render in UE4.
This scene is a modular building where companies could rent a floor to store their goodies, trough a side elevator they can bring whatever they wanted to store in the vaults on the floor, then the robotic arm, moving on the track, can grab it with a magnet and store it in the desired vault.
The company that rented this floor decide to use it also as experiment room, using the robotic arm to operate on the table, everything is controlled behind the mirror glass to protect the scientist, unfortunately for them, the creature on the table woke up in the middle of the operation, jumped from the table to the glass and escape lowering itself through the wall
All asset is done by me using Maya, Substance, and Zbrush for concepting.
Most of the scene is made by modular pieces, using the trim sheet and tileable textures, a lot of the main assets are unique.
Looking for the next project to learn much more!

Thanks to my friends and colleague for the awesome and continuos feedback! This wouldn't be possible without their help :)